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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Solid state chemistry – mesostructured materials: Juniorprofessor Dr. Mirijam Zobel

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Open PhD position

Exploring solid-liquid interfaces at synchrotrons

The interface between nanoparticles and solvent molecules is complex. Both, the nanoparticle surface restructures in contact with the solvent, but also the local order of the solvent molecules changes at the interface. LIgand molecules additionally contribute to the interface phenomena. The interplay of nanoparticles, solvent and ligand molecules is of great importance for the synthesis of nanoparticles, crystallization processes and many applications ranging from biomedicine to industrial catalysis. We use synchrotron radiation to explore those interfaces.

During your PhD you will carry out synchrotron experiments in order to probe how the restructuring of solvent molecules depends on different particle features, such as size, shape, crystalline structure or ligand type. Dependent on the candidate's interest, different applicationally interesting systems are available: Iron oxide particles for biomedicine, gold particles for catalysis, etc.


  • Master studies in chemistry, physics, material science or similiar
  • Some travel bug, because the experiments at synchrotron radiation sources will bring us to France, Great Britain or the USA.
  • Interest in X-ray scattering and analysis methods. Pratical experience helps, but is not required.

Prof. Dr. Mirijam Zobel,

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