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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Solid state chemistry – mesostructured materials: Juniorprofessor Dr. Mirijam Zobel

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Open PhD position

Structure-activity correlations of methanation catalysts via X-ray scattering

In this interdisciplinary project between a workgroup from Bochum, Paderborn and ours, novel bimetallic (Ni, Al) metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are synthesized. They are transformed into well-defined, highly active methanation catalysts to operate under dynamic operation conditions. It is the aim of this project to characterize their structure and structure-activity- to be trserve as pre-catalystcan be decomposed into highly active catalysts for methanation by controlled annealing to Al2O3 supported metal nanoparticles.

Announcement of PhD position (67 % TV-L13)

Information on the priority programm SPP2080

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