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Solid state chemistry – mesostructured materials: Juniorprofessor Dr. Mirijam Zobel

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New publication out with Zeier group

A halide-based fast sodium-ion conductor with vacancy-driven ionic transport

We are happy to contribute again structural insight into solid electrolytes, this time sodium-based rare-earth halides, with our X-ray scattering data.

Driven by the rising demand for consumer electronics, the field of all solid-state batteries employing solid electrolytes as the ion conducting separator has attracted enormous attention in the last years. While lithium-conducting rare-earth halides A3MX6 and Li3InX6 have been rediscovered as potential candidates, corresponding sodium-based compounds have been mostly overlooked yet. Here, we report the ionic transport properties of the Na-ion conducting rare-earth halide solid electrolyte Na3-xEr1-xZrxCl6, showing a conductivity enhancement from 10-9 S·cm-1 up to of ~0.04 mScm-1 for Na2.4Er0.4Zr0.6Cl6, alongside interesting local structural rearrangements of the polyhedral motifs along the series of solid solutions. This series of halide-based sodium ion conductors sheds light on promising compositions in search for superionic materials.

Schlem, Roman; Banik, Ananya; Eckardt, Mirco; Zobel, Mirijam;  Zeier, Wolfgang G.*
Na3-xEr1-xZrxCl6 - A halide-based fast sodium-ion conductor with vacancy-driven ionic transport
ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2020, XXXX, XXX, XXX-XXX

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