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Solid state chemistry – mesostructured materials: Juniorprofessor Dr. Mirijam Zobel

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19. - 30. September 2018

A report by two participants can be found on the blog of the University Bayreuth.

A brochure about the TS 2018 with a detailled program and contributions from all participants can be found here (PDF document).

The Travelling Seminar 2018 will take ca. 12 German and ca. 12 Russian students on a summer school on the topic of Nanomaterials and Large Scale Research Centers'. Together with 4 professors from Russia and Germany, we will travel from Munich in southern Germany via Vienna and Leoben in Austria to trieste in Italy. We will travel by bus and finish the tour in Munich.

The content of the summer school is about

  • Physics and chemistry of nanomaterials, synthesis and characterization
  • X-ray-and neutron scattering.

The overall aim is to give an introduction and show application of scattering methods (X-ray, neutrons, XRD, PDF, SAXS, SANS, TEM, many more) to the field of nanomaterials.

The program conists of visits to various institutes (see below), sightseeing and intercultural exchange as well as a contributed talk of 20 min (+ 10 min discussion) by each participant. The seminar is aimed for 3rd year BSc, MSc and 1st year PhD students of natural sciences and engineering. The talks by the participants shall be along the topic of the summer school 'Nanomaterials and Large Scale Research Centers'. Language of the seminar is English.
The talk can cover a topic concerning nanomaterials, characterization methods of nanomaterials, electron / X-ray / neutron scattering, large-scale research facilities, ...

How can scattering methods help us to understand the structure and functional properties of materials in a unique way?

The school is aimed for those students who either are already working in the field or are interested in the field. If you are not yet working with nanomaterials or scattering methods, but interested in the implementation of these methods in your research, you can apply as well. In case of doubt, feel free to contact the organizers.

In your applications, please include a CV as well as a motivation letter for participation (in English) accompanied by a prospective title of your talk.

All accomodation and travel is covered: for Germans the round tour from Munich; for Russians from/to a departure airport in Moscow to Germany. Details on this will be revealed upon the selection of participants.

Application deadline: 30th May 2018
German applicants: mirijam.zobel[@]uni-bayreuth.de
Russian applicants: rempel.nano[@]mail.ru

Link to the poster (PDF document)


Arrival of participants, Meet & Greet


  • Neutron source FRM-II, guided tour through guide halls
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Guided city tour
22.09.Travel to Vienna


  • Atominstitut
  • X-ray Center of the TU Vienna
  • Guided city tour, Castle Schönbrunn
  • Common dinner 'Heuriger'


  • Montanuniversity
  • Industry visit: Steel factory
27.09.Travel to Trieste, Common italian dinner


  • Synchrotron Elettra
29.09.Travel to Munich, Farewell Dinner
30.09.Departure of participants

A report of two participants of the TS 2017 can be found on the Blog of the University Bayreuth.

A brochure about the TS 2017 with a detailled program and contributions from all participants can be found here (PDF document).

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